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Achievements in 2022-2023 - Annual Report

Partner Housing Australasia is proud to share our 2022-2023 Annual Report. This past year has proven to be most productive for us and our partners. We've continued to deliver probono professional design and governance services, and provided funding for significant village-based construction projects in the South Pacific. This achievement is due to the dedication of our volunteers, who work tirelessly to bring health and safety into the built environment of our region. Papua New Guinea Community Health and Education Buildings – Vision for Homes, our not-for-profit community-based partner, undertook the construction of a new school building (two classrooms and an office) at Kenembo in the PNG Highlands during the 2022-2023 financial year. At the end of the financial year, this project was 80% complete. It was fully funded by Partner Housing Australasia and Vision for Homes. Partner Housing has been assisting Vision for Homes since 2010 in the design and construction of houses, educational buildings and a clinic based on the DANCER Building System. ''Our partnership has not only built 98 houses, health and education infrastructures for people in the Highlands region of PNG but it is more to it – we are building lives and improving the standard of living for the people and communities'' - Kelly Kombra Peng, Vision for Homes. Meanwhile in Solomon Islands this year for our Water and Sanitation projects we provided funding support and governance assistance to the South Ranongga Community Association, resulting in them being awarded a contract with UNICEF, to provide sanitation training in the Solomon Islands Western Province. With the successful completion of this contract, the South Ranongga Community Association has returned to its core business of constructing local village infrastructure, with commencement of the Kudu village water supply on the remote west coast of Ranongga. Read more in our Annual Report.

Bird's eye view in Solomon Islands

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