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You can help the communities in which we work.

By donating any of the amounts below or another amount, you will be directly supporting our current programs in  Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea.

To read more about our programs, head to our 'What We Do' page.
If you would like to speak with Partner Housing about making a donation, head to the Contact Us page.

Latrine block.jpg

$1,000 =

Construction of a village latrine

Glen 3.jpg

$2,000 = Construction of a village standpipe 

Roof anchorages.jpg

$10,000 =

Roof anchorages, bracing and steel posts for cyclone resistance

Water reticulation scheme.jpg

$30,000 =

Construction of a water reticulation scheme (small dam, pipline, standing pipes and holding tank

00 Mul-Baiyer Police Houses 20161109_104

$40,000 = Construction of a cyclone, earthquake and tsunami resistant house, clinic or classroom

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