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World Water Day - Accelerating change in Solomon Islands

What better day than World Water Day to focus on the long term support Partner Housing has been providing in Solomon Islands for community access to clean water. This year World Water Day is about accelerating change to solve the water and sanitation crisis around the world.

Over the last ten years Partner Housing has been supporting South Ranongga Community Association to improve local access to water.

We aim to achieve total coverage of Ranongga Island with clean water access in the coming years. Ian Warren and David Kaunitz from the Partner Housing team visited SRCA in late 2022 and noted the huge progress in the the communities' capability to deliver projects with many completed or underway.

SRCA is a not-for-profit community-based organisation currently servicing the whole of Ranongga and Simbo, parts of Vella Lavella, and parts of Gizo in Solomon Islands Western Province. They are based in Buri and Obobulu in Ranongga, Previously constructed sanitation infrastructure in the form of pit latrines throughout Ranongga are now in need of renewal to address the community's need for hygienic and reliable water supplies.

Before these stairs were constructed it was a long difficult climb to access water

We are supporting SRCA with various priorities including:

• Sanitation training program (funded by UNICEF) • Rehabilitation of the existing pit latrines on Ranongga

• Maintenance of the existing water supply infrastructure in Ranongga and Vella Lavella.

• Several community buildings, needing significant repair or replacement.

• Other public buildings, such as schools and clinics requiring ongoing maintenance.

Bird's eye view of building progress for Ranongga

Supporting SRCA in these projects aligns to SDG#6 Clean Water and Sanitation - Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

In supporting these communities' own capacity to ensure clean water and sanitation infrastructure, Partner Housing continues to positively impact Australia's South Pacific neighbours.

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