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Natural Disaster: Open letter on Enga Province in Papua New Guinea

Open letter to the people of Papua New Guinea Enga Province,

the Australian Government, International NGOs and Humanitarian Funding Organisations


The Directors and Volunteers of Partner Housing Australasia (PHA) extend our thoughts and prayers to the people of PNG Enga Province, as we become aware of the tragic loss of life and extensive damage to village infrastructure, caused by the recent earthquake and landslides.

Together with our PNG Western Highlands based construction partners, Vision for Homes (VFH), we offer probono technical support and building resources for the reconstruction of village school and health services infrastructure.


Donated money and grants must not be wasted on layers of bureaucracy, while buildings must be professionally designed and skilfully built to suit the local conditions. The PHA / VFH partnership has a significant track record of designing and building community health, school and residential buildings at a fraction of the cost of buildings funded through other aid programs. PHA and VFH do not receive Australian Government funding.


During the last 14 years, we have designed and constructed 3 community health buildings, 2 classroom buildings, 7 government or school houses, 12 village water supplies, and 110 village latrines in PNG and Solomon Islands. Other village construction programs have been funded in Cook Islands, Fiji and Philippines.

Attached is a snapshot of some of our joint PNG village construction projects. Further details of our organisation and projects are available on .

Thank you for receiving and considering this submission. We stand ready to help our PNG neighbours to build a better future.

Rod Johnston

President / CEO / Public Officer – Partner Housing Australasia

240528 PHA VFH PNG Enga reconstruction
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