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The work continues in PNG

In December 2020 our partner Vision for Homes received funds from Partner Housing for the Kopeng Community Health Building in Papua New Guinea. This was an exciting step as work on the clinic has now begun, with the project well on track. Just over the last weekend the carpenters were able to put on the roof sheeting with work on the ridge capping, barge board covering coming next. Once that's complete, they will work under the roof safely from wet and cold through to completion.

This clinic is the second in a three year program to provide community health facilities for the people of PNG. Kopeng follows on closely after the recently completed Umi Community Health Building in Year One of the program, which is now being staffed and is ready for operation.

The Kopeng building is due for completion in the first half of 2021, as long as the challenges of construction in remote areas and poor weather can be managed.

Research is now starting into a third community health building for 2021/2022 for the final year of the program.

Partner Housing extends full credit to the team at Vision for Homes in PNG, as these projects have been so successfully pulled together in the midst of COVID restrictions, and with the difficulties associated with working in remote areas.

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