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Ohlen Freshwin Market Design recognised

We were pleased to see Partner Housing Director and Regional Manager for Vanuatu Evy Anwar selected as a 2021 finalist in the Northern Beaches Environmental Art & Design Prize, for the Ohlen Community Market Design, our current project in partnership with the Vanuatu Government.

The market is part of the Ohlen Freshwin Green Living Village, a Vanuatu Government initiative to resettle the community displaced and made homeless in the aftermath of cyclone PAM. Evy submitted the Market design in the Open Category: Function Design, and was one of 176 finalists.

Evy presenting the design at the exhibition

The competition received 700 entries across 13 categories and primarily focus on environmentally sustainable design. The Ohlen Community Market’s sustainable principles goes beyond architecture and extends into long term environmental education and lifestyle. The project shows that thoughtful design does not need to be expensive whilst serving a bigger purpose to support our South Pacific neighbours in time of need.

She says, ''The Environmental Art and Design competition, which attracts over 700 entries across its seven categories, focuses on showcasing ideas about current issues and making the world a better place. As one of the chosen finalists, I used the exhibition opportunity to draw spotlights on the work of Kaunitz Yeung Architecture (KYA) and Partner Housing. Our Community Market Design is an example of our continuous effort in striving for design excellence in delivering community-focused projects by utilising sustainable principles and context sensitive urban design.''

Congratulations to Evy and the team on this lovely recognition of the thought that has been put into the market design for the long-term benefit of the village community.

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