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Making lasting change in PNG

October 2010 – Colour, music and movement:

The Mt Hagen highland dance welcome for Partner Housing was a stunning and enthusiastic prelude for the exciting, vibrant and productive relationship that would blossom between Vision for Homes and Partner Housing during the next decade.

The Mt Hagen highland dance welcome

The Vision for Homes operations continue to go from strength to strength, due in large measure to the professionalism and integrity of their Board and Operations Manager; but also due to the significant on-going financial, technical and governance support from Partner Housing.

Each year a Partner Housing representative visits PNG to perform auditing, mentoring and training roles. During the decade, Vision for Homes has developed into a respected builder, completing (with Partner Housing assistance) 16 private houses, 5 police houses, 3 school houses, 2 school buildings, 2 community health buildings and trade training courses programs. Of the total, 7 buildings were built using PHA's DANCER design.

Next week we will hear from Vision for Homes' Program Manager, Kelly Kombra Peng. He has been working closely with PHA to bring about the great outcomes of our partnership with Vision for Homes.

The PHA and Vision for Homes Team

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