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Community Health Buildings officially open in PNG

Updated: Apr 5

2022 is off to a good start for our PNG partner Vision for Homes. Both the Umi and Kopeng community health buildings are now completed and officially opened in December.

The Western Highland Provincial Health Authority (WHPHA) is currently equipping the aid posts and will provide medical and pharmaceutical supplies on an ongoing basis. The WHPHA will also provide Community Health Workers to provide health care to the people of the Umi community and surrounding area. The first nursing officers will commence in early January 2022.

The completed aid post at Kopeng, ready for use.

With the building plans prepared by Partner Housing, the Umi building is 11.1m x 8.4m including a veranda. It includes six rooms, with a pharmacy room, examination and treatment rooms, a nurse station, reception, toilet/shower and an inpatient room for emergency cases. The building is powered by solar panels and batteries, powering lighting as well as the vaccine refrigerator, and has a cold and hot water system installed.

Vision for Homes built the the structures during 2020, using local carpenters, with technical assistance from Partner Housing.

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