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Buri School Water Supply

Updated: Apr 5

Check out these updates from the Buri School Water Supply Extension project in Solomon Islands!

The school initiated this project because they wanted to add another year group—both boys and girls—for their boarders. However the Department of Education mandated that they arrange additional water to supply the existing and new students.

This project included the construction of a spring box (large “pool” visible in the photos), a pump, a new header tank, a distribution line and 7 standpipes at the school.

The materials for the project were much larger and heavier than our regular projects (and the weather was quite rough). Instead of shipping everything by canoe, we chartered a small boat to move the gear from Gizo to Buri.

Four of the seven standpipes were completed ahead of a Seventh Day Adventist Church centenary celebration over New Year. The remaining standpipes, complete with privacy screens will be done by the end of this month.

When complete, the project will allow about 30 students to stay in school for an extra year (where last year they would have had to finish school). Partner Housing is incredibly proud to be able to contribute to the community in Buri in this year, and have a positive impact on the education opportunities of the next generation.

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