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Partner Housing implements an Australian Aid water project in Solomon Islands

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

In many parts of Solomon Islands, village residents must obtain fresh water by collecting it from creeks in plastic bottles. On the island of Ranongga in the Solomon Islands Western Province, this method of water collection often falls to children.

A 3000 litre water tank arrives in Buri

In partnership with the local village residents, Partner Housing has been constructing latrines and fresh water reticulation systems for over 10 years. Over 100 latrines have been constructed in the villages of Buri, Keigold and Obobulu; and water reticulation with multiple water standpipes have been constructed in the villages of Buri, Keigold, Obobulu, Koriovuku, Pange, Lale and Kolomali.

Based on this track record, and in consultation with the island residents, Partner Housing has commenced the next stage - to effect some outstanding repairs to the existing infrastructure, to expand construction to the neighbouring island of Vella Lavella, and to establish a permanent Training Centre / Workshop in Buri from which local supervisors can establish a viable training and supply business. The business will combine the supply and assembly of plumbing components and standpipes with training for local villagers, concentrating on how to source, assemble, install and maintain these components.

With the support of the Australian Aid: Friendship Grant, Partner Housing has developed a program to fulfil these needs. The first stage (replacing three tanks and plumbing at Buri and repairs at Obobulu and Lale) is now complete. This will improve the access to clean water of up to 1,200 people.

Our team is currently pressing forward with the program, purchasing materials for the villages of Kongu and Sambora.

Partner Housing acknowledges the valuable assistance provided by the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) through the $ 60,000 Friendship Grant Round 1.

The Friendship Grants are an important part of the Australian Government “Pacific Step Up” initiatives, through which Australian not-for-profit NGOs can provide practical assistance to our Pacific neighbours.

Partner Housing (which has provided similar assistance for many years) is well suited for this type of work, with a network of reliable local contacts with whom our volunteer engineers and supervisors work closely to install and maintain working village water schemes.

Partner Housing will complete the Stage I works shortly and we look forward to the continuation of these programs with future Australian Aid DFAT financial assistance.

For more information on Partner Housing, please visit .

For more information on the Friendship Grants program, please visit

The finished product: Installed water tanks in Buri

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